Frag buggle!

Ok, the real reason for disliking Tuesday’s track practice was that after it my shin splints were quite painful. I’d been hoping they’d just go away if I iced them and ignored them, but they haven’t.

Yesterday’s run was worse. Waking up this morning to a painful shin I decided I shouldn’t run today (or tomorrow or next week). But I’d arranged to meet two others at the trail head (Rusty and Chrystee). I didn’t want to call them at 6:30am. I sent emails but did not expect those to be received. So I biked up to make my apologies in person.

Dark this morning, with marine layer shrouding the top of the Mesa, chilly too. At Modoc, as is often the case, all trace of cloud vanishes. Blue skies above. I climb. When I cross Foothill there’s a thermoclime and suddenly it is warm. I’m a little early at the trailhead, so I wait.

I’m in the shadow of the mountain, but I can see the morning light increasing on the city below. It’s quite lovely. Clouds cover the lower city, lapping against the sides of the hills. The Mesa rises out of the clouds, and behind it are more golden clouds stretching out to Santa Cruz island. I watch as minute by minute the light increases. Lovely.

And now it is 7:10. Neither Rusty nor Chrystee has shown. Perhaps they got my emails. I turn back to the bike. And see the mountains behind are covered in the morning light too.

Below Foothill it gets chilly again. Below Modoc I plunge into a fog bank. Dense fog all the way home.

I wish I could run.


2 Responses to “Frag buggle!”

  1. JK Says:

    I always think, “frag buggle” when watching the morning light on the mountains and the city and the ocean.

  2. georgeruns Says:

    No, no, no. “frag buggle!” is what you think when you can’t run. Comments on the morning light are more joyful.

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