I call ’em Snows

This week is twelve weeks from CIM (California International Marathon) and marks the start of our (official) training for it.

Rusty has a workout very similar to the Yasoo workout. Instead of 10*800 he has us do 8*1000. With less rest (2:30 between intervals instead of (for me) 2:55). I want to run CIM at about 2:55:00. Rusty gave us a pace of 88 second quarters which works out to 2:56 Yasoo pace.

In fact we ran most laps a second fast or so, averaging a 2:54 Yasoo pace.

It is comforting to know, that here at the start of training I am already meeting my goal — even doing a workout  slightly harder than the Yasoo final work-out.

(I didn’t run alone, so that made it slightly easier, but I don’t race alone either).

I hope nothing goes wrong this year.


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