Pier to Peak altitudes

The day after the race I biked the course with my trusty altimeter (I don’t trust GPS altitudes). It took longer to bike up than it did to run — of course I did stop every mile to take a measurement so it’s not a fair comparison.

Location altitude increase grade
Stern’s Wharf 0m 0ft
Mile 1 13m 40ft 13m 40ft 0.7%
Mile 2 55m 180ft 42m 140ft 2.5%
Mission 95m 310ft
Mile 3 140m 460ft 85m 280ft 5.3%
Mile 4
195m 640ft 55m 180ft 3.4%
Mile 5 330m 10800ft 135m 440ft 8.3%
Mile 6 440m 1440ft 110m 360ft 6.8%
Mile 7 540m 1770ft 100m 330ft 6.2%
Switchback 570m 1870ft
Mile 8 650m 2130ft 110m 360ft 6.8%
Mile 9
Gibraltar Rock
770m 25300ft 120m 390ft 7.4%
Flores Flat (top) 820m 2690ft
Flores Flat (bottom) 810m 2660ft
Mile 10 905m 2970ft 135m 440ft 8.3%
Camino Cielo 1015m 3330ft
Mile 11 1040m 3410ft 135m 440ft 8.3%
Gibraltar Rd (dirt
continuation into
Santa Ynes valley)
990m 3250ft
Mile 12 1022m 3350ft -18m -60ft -1.1%
park driveway 1150m 3770ft
Finish (13.1) 1170m 3840ft 148m
440ft 8.3%

Hmm. My measurement at the top is off by more than 100ft. Perhaps I should have used GPS.

I wanted to know what miles were steepest 4-5, 9-10, 10-11, 12-13.1 (The grades are the average over the entire mile (or 1.1 mile for the last))

Constable: Who hath measured the ground?

Henry V, III, vii


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