Rusty asked me if I were excited about the race yet, and when I said no he gently chid me.

“I don’t see why not, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were in fourth place.”

Rusty says things like that.

He’s been right when he tells me times, but no one can guess who is going to choose to run the race.

I’d be surprised if I were in fourth. Last time I ran I was tenth. I’d like to think I’m in better shape, but it’s hard to believe that much better.

No, for me to come in fourth I’d have to hope than lots of people won’t do the race, I’d much rather have them there because that way I’ll run better.

Hmm. Drea says Eric Forte isn’t going to run. Well that’s ok, I guess. Eric is too fast to be any inspiration for me. Drea sounds as though she is going to run, and that’s great, I think she’ll push me.

Maybe I can hope for third place in my age-group if Eric isn’t there. Now that seems a feasible goal!


One Response to “Excited?”

  1. georgeruns Says:

    Oops. Last year the first three runners were in my age-group. I guess fourth place overall is actually easier to achieve.

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