I’m not really injured today

I know I spend a fair amount of time moaning about being injured.

So I thought it might be nice to say that I seem to be OK at the moment.

Rusty warned me the other day that because of my nasty habit of injuring myself I should lower my goals. I simply can’t train hard enough to achieve them. If I try — I’ll get injured again.

I did not want to hear that, of course.

I believe that I’m more likely to get injured the faster I go. Which is one reason I don’t like to run miles or 5ks. But now, it seems, even marathons are too fast for me.

Mike Swan says that after I do my first 50 miler I’ll never want to run a shorter race again. I fear he may be right.


One Response to “I’m not really injured today”

  1. franfinney Says:

    Hey, George –

    Just wanted to say that I hear you re: the injury issue. Part of the aging process – avoiding injury actually cane become more important than optimizing performance through training. This frustrating fact is big my mind this week – I’m entered in 3 races between this Sunday and next. Yipes for me. . . .

    Decided to start blogging again – intend to dissect this injury vs training conundrum in my next blog. . . .


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