All the running I can do—to stay in the same place

Today is my forty-nineth birthday.

Now 49 is not a number which inspires much excitement among most people (unless they happen to be missing three fingers). I haven’t found any 49 mile races. But next year I will be 50, a number which somehow seems more significant.

So next year I would like to do a 50 mile race to celebrate my new age-group. I’ve never done an ultra, so I asked Mike Swan and Stu Sherman for advice, and both suggested the White River race up in the Cascades. It’s in July, so not exactly on my birthday, but close enough.

I think 30 miles is about the longest run I’ve ever done, and a marathon is the longest race. This is an experiment.

But the point of this message is to ask: “Would you like to run with me next year up in the Cascades?”



7 Responses to “All the running I can do—to stay in the same place”

  1. Gina Says:

    You couldn’t pick a nice flat 50-miler for your first ultra?? The race sounds intense. I think I’ll pass. 🙂

  2. Gina Says:

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

  3. Ricky Says:


  4. franfinney Says:

    49 IS special, George. Lucky seven squared. Should be a good year – go enjoy!

  5. Tony Says:

    So I found your page linked to the SB Runners Club….Read your desire to run a first 50 next year…White River is Intense for a first 50….! No 50 miler is easy…but try American River 50 mile in Sacramento in April 09…
    I am going to put myself through the 9trails run this November in SB…that will be a suffer fest as well…Good Luck…

  6. georgeruns Says:

    Other people have suggested the American River, but it has one huge disadvantage: it’s 2 months before my birthday (or 10 months after). I can’t run it to mark turning 50 — at least not in my mind.

    I want my first fifty miler to be after my fiftyith birthday, but not long after.

    I may very well run the American — but later…

  7. georgeruns Says:

    Well, I seemed to do ok on the White River (finished second in my age group)

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