Mile Markers? Who cares?

I was just talking to José. People have been giving him (and I presume Wally too) a hard time about the lack of mile markers.

While it was a shock not to have them, I don’t think their absence was a significant issue. At least not for me. In some ways it might have been a plus.

Looking at my time at the Los Olivos chip mat, (and guessing a distance of ~5.7 miles) I see I was running rather slowly on that initial uphill part — roughly 6:30s. If I had tried to run that at 6:20s or 6:15s as I had planned I might have been completely burned out by the time I got to the part where I could run fast. Instead I ran what felt right, and it seems to have been right.

I had a great race, and would like to say, as publicly as I can, that I don’t really care about the mile markers. Their absence makes for a better story:-)

So thank you Wally and José for all your work, it was a great course.


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