Last week my PT told me to run a tempo run. I was a little surprised by that, it was faster than I expected, but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

There was no tempo workout that week, instead Rusty sent us off to the Valentine’s day 4mile race. Now a 4 mile tempo run for me is usually about 6:10~6:20min/mile, but given that I hadn’t done much for a month and a half, and the nature of the course (half trail, with steep ups and downs) I figured a 6:30 pace would be more prudent.

It was a beautiful morning, I got to Goleta Beach just in time to watch the sun rise over the ocean (with some low-lying clouds to the east lit up electric orange). The race went around the UCSB lagoon. Blue heron, snowy egrets, mallards, buffleheads, grebes, coots, comorants, seagulls..

It’s two miles (give or take) around the lagoon, I did one lap as a warm up with some friends (we had hoped to do two, but by the time everyone got out of the bathrooms there was only time for one).

When we started the race I ran at the back of the second pack, that seemed about the right amount of effort. My hip wasn’t bothering me, so either the PT was right or adreneline and endorphins had kicked in. A pleasant pace. As we ran along the ocean I saw Travis out with his surfboard. At the halfway mark I saw I was about 10 seconds faster than I wanted to be, so I slowed (but everyone else I was running with seemed to slow even more on the second lap). With about a 1/4 mile to go, I knew I could catch the guy in front, his breathing was labored and he seemed tired. I sped up a little, and did catch him, but then he sped up — again I was pretty sure I could catch him — but then it wouldn’t be a tempo run. I let him go. Not as easy a decision as it should have been.

As I got near the chute I noted the clock read 25:56. I ran a little further. The clock still read 25:56. It didn’t seem to want to move. I remembered that scene in Holy Grail where Lancelot keeps running over the same stretch of ground again and again and never getting anywhere. And then suddenly he’s at the door. And suddenly I was at the finish, and the time was 25:59.

Now my hip began to ache.

Not really badly, but it let me know it was there. I went twice more around the lagoon as a cool-down and it nagged at me (my hip, Maggie (vocative case), not my friends) . Jim Cochran, the chiropractor, invited me onto his table and cracked it back into alignment.

When I saw the PT yesterday she told me I shouldn’t have run so fast (but that’s my tempo pace, that’s a slow tempo pace) . She has a different idea of a tempo run than I do. She said she meant about 7 min pace. OK. Next time I know better.

But it was fun to run fast again.



2 Responses to “Miscommunication”

  1. Maggie Mason Says:

    Hey, no fair! I saw you went back and changed your original sentence in the Resolution Run post, adding the parenthetical qualifier to “I went for a cooldown with friends, and they (the glutes) nagged at me.”

    I’m calling a grammar truce, because I’m glad to have you back in the group, glutes gnagging or gnot.

    Hang tough…it’ll all come back.

  2. georgeruns Says:

    I’m a G-nu, I’m a G-nu
    The g-nicest work of g-nature in the zoo!
    I’m a G-nu, how do you do?
    You really ought to k-now w-ho’s w-ho.
    Flanders & Swan ~1956

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