When I am injured and can neither run nor do yoga I tend to turn inward upon myself. I rarely go out, as riding my bike can hurt too; so I stay inside and think. And get lonely.

Now admittedly I seem to be recovering from this most recent injury and went to a yoga class yesterday and warmed up with Rusty’s group the day before. (Finally)

Still — when I got an e-mail from Google asking me to interview for a job, I was more interested than I might otherwise have been. I have no desire to live in Silicon Ditch, and I’m generally quite happy with my own project. But — perhaps it would do me good to interact more with people. So I actually followed up on it.

Hmm. The job is in Mtn. View and Zurich. Now living in Zurich might be kind of fun (though I’d rather live in the French speaking part of the country) but commuting across the Atlantic on a regular basis? That sounds miserable. To say nothing of the environmental damage it would do.

And the job itself? Internationalization/localization in some form. Humph. The little knowledge I have of internationalization/localization makes it seem very simple — too simple for them to want to hire me. Which makes me think I don’t have the faintest inkling of what they want, which means I’m not the person they should hire.

They went to some effort (I presume) to find me, I did not contact them, they e-mailed me. Why ask me to interview for a job when I’ll probably just show off my ignorance rather than be useful?

Nonetheless. I scheduled a phone interview with them. Perhaps I am qualified. Perhaps I can telecommute.

Perhaps I shouldn’t answer the phone next Tuesday:-)

Well, I did.

It sounded as though they didn’t know what they wanted done either, they just wanted someone who could figure stuff out. Also when they said “Mtn. View and Zurich”, they meant “Mtn. View or Zurich” — so I wouldn’t have to fly across the Atlantic every week.


2 Responses to “Injury”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Well? Are you still talking to them?

  2. georgeruns Says:

    Yes, but they have the oddest approach to interviewing I’ve ever encountered. They won’t (can’t) tell me what the job will entail. I get the impression that they hire people and then decide what to do with them later. I want to know what I’m going to be doing before I decide if it’s better than what I’m currently doing — so it doesn’t sound like a good match.

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