I am standing on a padded table. Attached to the corners of the table are metal pipes going up to a rectangle of pipes over my head. So, I’m in an open box, with the edges defined by pipes, the bottom by the table and the sides and top open.

Facing a narrow end of the table, holding on to the pipes above me, I walk my feet up the pipes in front of me. Now I kick my feet up, over my head. I spread them into a split (well as close to a split as I can come).

I can’t seem to stabilize myself and I oscillate back and forth like a pendulum. It is terrifying.

And suddenly the fear departs.

It is exhilarating.

And funny.

I start to laugh as I sway backwards and forwards up-side-down. I laugh and laugh until I can no longer support myself, and I come down.

Then I do it again, and this time it isn’t terrifying, and I manage to control the oscillations. And come out of it the proper way.

There is more to this piece, but that’s all for me today.


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