Travis will help you go out too fast

Rusty does not often ask me to run too fast. But last Tuesday he wanted me to do so — and then try to keep going after it became impossible. This is to get me used to fatigue poisons, or something.

Rusty had me run two miles, starting at a 5:30~5:40 mile pace. A rather frightening prospect. Luckily Travis was willing to help me run the first mile (Travis is faster than I).

84 second quarters. The first one is easy, of course.

I forced myself to stick close behind Travis (5:39), my breath turned into the horrible rasping gasps, after a mile Travis pealed off and I slowed down a bit. I needed a rest. 90 seconds. Not generally what I think of as a resting pace.

Rusty joined me for the next two. And told me to calm my breath.

Then with about 500m to go, Rusty pulled off to the side and told me to speed up. I whimpered. Rusty told me stop whining (I wasn’t whining, I was whimpering, but decided not to correct him).

So I did speed up and ran an 82 second final quarter.


One Response to “Travis will help you go out too fast”

  1. Adger Says:

    Sounds pretty studly to me. Was it satisfactory?

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