Not Yassos but Snows!

Most of us are aware of the Yasso 800 workout for marathon training — where you run 10×800 (or 10 half miles). You run your 800s at a weird variant of marathon pace: if you plan to run a 3 hour marathon then you run 3 minute 800s, if you want to run a 2:47:00 marathon then you run 0:02:47 800s. And so on. In between each interval you have the same amount of rest (easy jog) as for the interval itself (so 3 minutes, or 2:47, or whatever).

Rusty Snow has his own variant on this workout. Not 10×800, but 8×1k. Same pace, 3 minute rest between, same total distance, a little less total rest.

I’ve never managed to complete this workout before. I seem to fade after about 4k.

But today I did it!

(And then the nasty little voice in the back of my head says “Well, of course. You aren’t trying to run as fast as you usually do, in fact you’re only running at your 10k race pace — and if you can’t do 8k, with rests at 10k pace you are in sad shape.”)

No… actually the little voice is wrong. It was a little (but a significant amount) faster than any 10k I have raced.

Anyway, I did it. And what better way to prepare for a winter marathon than to do a Snow workout?

Two and a half weeks to Sacramento…


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