An Image…

I did today’s run in the late afternoon, a lovely dank and foggy day. I was out on More Mesa, no one else was around, the clouds pressed down, my own private world.

I was turning a corner, rounding a clump of bushes, on the other side of which is more open space, where I occasionally see a Great Blue Heron standing in the field, or stalking across it looking for things small and squeaky.

Today as I turned, I saw a heron, at eye level, just taking off, great wings extended as it fought for altitude. Then my eyes dropped, and directly underneath the heron was a large cat, leaping, extended in a perfect arc.

A big Tom? No, thicker of body and with dark tufts in the ears. A bobcat, I think.

I know I watched the cat until it disappeared into the bushes — but I can’t remember what it looked like there. I have one perfect image fixed in my mind — the great bird soaring up, the cat arched beneath it.


One Response to “An Image…”

  1. Gary Says:

    Early last summer the remains of a great blue heron sat on the trail that parallels the south side of atascadero creek (the opposite side of the creek from the Goleta bike path). If you enter More Mesa immediately past the bridge where Patterson crosses the creek, so that the creek is on your left and the horse corral is on your right – it’s a good stretch for critter sightings. Saw a weasel there once too. Yes, a weasel. It was a little guy with a long thin redish-brown body and he escaped down a gopher hole when he saw me coming.

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