I had managed to convince myself that I should not try to run Cal. International, but that I should wait, recover, train and run in February. Then I ran a better workout than I expected today. ~18 miles of which about 8 were hard. I managed to average 6:51 on the hard part. Last week I had trouble running that pace for 3 miles (and slowed to 7:02 and then 7:10 after that).

So… If I do run Cal. International I might have a chance of breaking 3 hours. I’ll almost certainly get a PR. And then I’d be qualified for Boston, and could watch Melissa (and maybe Annie) run in the Olympic trials.

On the other hand, I was hoping for more than just a PR, more than just breaking 3 hours, and if I wait until I’m fully recovered I can do better. I had wanted to do the best I was capable of, perhaps to set my lifetime record (I’m only getting older, soon I’ll be as trained as my body will take and I’ll start getting slower).

Another downside is — how long will it take to recover? At 10 seconds a week, I might be running 6:35 pace again in two weeks. If all goes well. Which would mean starting marathon training in November and racing in Feb. If all doesn’t go well, who knows? But some of the Feb races are filling up. I should decide soon.

Maggie tells me I shouldn’t run unless I’m completely well. Jim tells me that I’ve spent so much time training I should just trust that it will all come together. I think the training I did was months ago now and is largely irrelevant. I think it likely that I will be recovered (but not as trained as I’d like) by Cal. International.

Or… I could just sign up for a race then, but retain the option of doing Cal International?

I think I’ll start a new hobby: Signing up for marathons and not running them. I realized the other day that I’ve already scratched three marathons I was signed up for (injured before the race). I’ve only run 3 total. If I scratch Cal. too, then I’ll have failed to run more than I’ve run.

Lady Bracknell:We have already missed five, if not six, trains. To miss any more would expose us to comment on the platform

To miss any more marathons would expose me to comment at the starting line?


5 Responses to “Quandry…”

  1. Gina Says:

    Run the race already!! You’re wasting energy thinking about it. There are so many factors in a marathon that you don’t have control over; you have to go with the flow. I agree with Jim — trust your training. Go out and run the best race you can that day. Just my 2 cents from someone who hasn’t successfully achieved their goal yet, but who’s come awfully close. I’m glad I’ve done every race even if they haven’t given me the result I was looking for.

  2. Maggie Mason Says:

    I’m going to play devil’s advocate and suggest that the one thing you CAN control is whether you’re fit enough and trained enough to achieve your goal. If your training is in the bank and you’ve achieved your training goal, then yes…trust your training. But if illness or other things have hampered your training, and you don’t feel up to par, then why not wait until things truly come together?

    On the other hand, if you’ve put in the miles, are hitting your paces, and feel good, then go for it.

  3. Jim K Says:

    So…? You’re going to…?

  4. georgeruns Says:

    Wait until 3 Nov.

    I figure if I’m slower than 90 on the half then I won’t be ready to race a marathon in a month, and I’d better wait until Feb. If I’m faster than 86 then I’ll probably do reasonably. If I’m somewhere in between, I’ll still have to make a decision, but I’m not worrying about it until Saturday.

    On verra.

  5. georgeruns Says:

    It is now 3 Nov.

    Yes, I intend to go to Sacramento

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