Slow improvements…

I seem to improve my mile pace at a rather steady 10 seconds per week. Weeks ago when I was struggling to run a tempo run at a 7:10 pace this was depressing. Today I ran 5×1K intervals at essentially 10k race pace. That’s still a little slow, but it means that I’m almost there now. Only another week or two. And now 10 seconds per week doesn’t seem so bad.

At least for speed work.

I’m still disturbed at how little endurance I have. Last saturday I tried, and failed, to run a 5 mile tempo at 6:50 — after doing a 10 mile warmup. The previous week I’d done 5 miles at 6:40 (after a 5 mile warmup) and so 5@6:50 sounded easy. It wasn’t. The extra 5 miles beforehand did me in.

I was so pleased after last week’s interval work, that I went and signed up for Cal International. I was so down after the tempo run that I was sure I’d never be able to run it.

On verra.


3 Responses to “Slow improvements…”

  1. annietoth Says:

    Running goes in cycles. For me, sometimes I feel great for months at a time. Other times I find it hard to believe I was ever a runner. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back.

    I also recommend FRS…

  2. georgeruns Says:

    🙂 I could do without this part of the cycle then.

    What do you find helpful about FRS? Personally I can never tell if a supplement does anything for me.

    I’ve been somewhat leery of FRS after I reached the top of Pier to Peak and found they were serving diet FRS. That told me someone didn’t know what s/he was doing…

    The human body does manufacture its own super-oxide dismutase; last I checked there weren’t any studies which showed that injesting anti-oxidants was actually effective

  3. Jim K Says:

    Anti-oxidants are effective in food (maybe, unless it’s something else in food that’s effective, but it shows up more in anti-oxidant-rich foods). The evidence seems to be that they’re not effective in supplements. But this whole field is so messy that… well. For myself, I’m pretty open to the idea that something can be good completely independent of the stated reasons.

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