Nomen Omen

The second annual “George Williams 5K” is in a month. It takes place in Raleigh, NC about 20 miles from where I grow up. My friend Nirmal noticed it last year, and asked if it were named after me.

But it isn’t mine, nor my father’s, nor any of the 5 George Williamses in my ancestry. Just some random track coach who happened to have the same name.

The thought of running a race with my name is kind of tempting, and the thought of having that on a tee-shirt even more appealing.

I remember, a number of years ago, touring a house built by great-great-grandfather (George Walton Williams the first), though it is now called the Calhoun mansion after his son-in-law. I remember the glee I felt when just before leaving, I signed the guest book “George Walton Williams V”. I don’t know if any of the docents ever noticed, but there was a certain thrill to being part of that house in a way they never could be.

But… I don’t want to fly all the way across the country to do it. And I don’t want to run a 5k.

So I think I shall put it off for another year.

Maybe next year I’ll have recovered and be able to run again.


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