Santa Barbara Butterfly Run

3 Feb 2007

We ran mile intervals out at Elwood today. All my running sub-group partners were doing other things, so I ran them alone. When I’m alone I seem to go too fast.

Let’s draw a veil over that.

But… after the run… we were out at Elwood.

Not clumps of dead leaves

These are not leaves

Jim Sloan had trotted us over to view the butterflies a few weeks previously. I’d never seen them in the morning before, just flying around later in the day. Or maybe I’ve never realized that the clumps of dead leaves my colour-blind eyes see are actually — butterflies.

Today I went with a camera, and at the end of my cool-down I popped into the butterfly grove. The view wasn’t as good as it was a few weeks before. It was later in the day, and a warmer day so the butterflies were starting to move around. There seemed to be few clumps (or perhaps, now I had camera in hand, I was realizing just how far those clumps were).

I wandered around one side of the grove without getting any views at all, and trotted over to the other side, where I met Maggie and Kim (who were not wearing iPods), Clumps of monarch butterfliesand dragged them along with me to see the butterflies. And from this side we could see them starting to fly around, and eventually, yes, a clump that hadn’t woken up yet.

Beautiful creatures.


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