11 Mar 2007

But there’s one thing that makes Spring complete for me,
And makes every Sunday a treat for me

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, Tom Lehrer

One of my grandmother’s aspirations was to run over a pigeon. She wasn’t a violent woman, it was just a challenge.

Last week I was running out by the bird sanctuary, and among the coots were some pigeons. The coots scuttled off as I approached, but the pigeons waited till the last minute before taking off. I began to appreciate my grandmother’s perspective… they let me get so close, surely I could catch one?

But it was at the bird sanctuary. Even pigeons are protected.

This morning I was running along the beach and a very lazy pigeon ignored me until I was almost on top of it. There it was about a foot in front of me, perhaps 6 inches off the ground, fluttering desperately. My foot was drawn back and was perfectly positioned for me to kick. Of course I didn’t try, and by the time the foot had come forward, the bird had flown.

I don’t want to injure a pigeon (despite what it may sound like) but I am intrigued– if I tried– could I touch one?


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