11 April 2007

Kevin complained to me two weeks ago that I wasn’t writing enough. Well I hadn’t been running after Catalina. How could I write about running when I wasn’t running? No inspiration.

I went on my first trail run since Catalina on Monday. Just a short easy run up to Inspiration Peak and back.

Spring has happened since I last ran this way :-).

As I trotted through the avocado grove at the start, the mustard was in full bloom on the right and the periwinkle on the left. I know. Both are non-native invaders. But I do have a fondness for mustard — I think it beautiful the way it covers our rolling hills with a blanket of yellow. Periwinkle I can do without.

The two meadows were also full of mustard, but there were a few lumpins, and a blooming member of the pea family (I think) which I didn’t recognize.

Then down by the creek again I see the poison oak is blooming with its tiny white flowers. Another flower I could do without.

Ceanothis flowerOnce the trail passed the gate of the ranch things got more interesting. More lumpins. And then lots of Ceanothus in all shades from white to deep purple. The humming bird sage had put out its flower spikes, but the flowers hadn’t ventured out yet. A patch of white sage in bloom. Some wild onion with it’s little blue flowers (I think they are blue, but I’m color-blind, so who knows)

As I crested the first ridge there was a bush poppy in bloomBush Poppy bloom. I don’t know why I rarely see any California poppies on our trails, but there are lots of bush poppies. I prefer the bush version. And it keeps blooming for months. (I tried rooting it from a cutting once after a trail clearing expedition, but without success.)

And here’s some purple sage also just starting to bloom.

Oh neat, still a few manzanitas in flower, with their little white heath bells pointing down. A humming bird zooms by. I don’t see it, but the sound of one flying close at hand is distinctive.

At the top — haze. The islands barely visible. But the sun is out after weeks of fog. As always, when I reach the top of this peak I breath in. Inspiration.

Now… I get to see all the flowers again on the way down.

(I plan to trot up again next Wed the 18th. Anyone want to come?)


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