13 Jan 2007

Several people have told me that my posts are too long.

I had a speed work out with Rusty the other day. I didn’t do very well; so I went home, and to cheer myself up, I looked up the workout we did a year ago. Thinking: “I’ve had a string of PRs in the last few months, even if I didn’t run as fast as I should have today, at least I’ll be faster than last year.”


If anything, last year’s workout was slightly faster.

Perhaps I can’t go any faster than this, that all I can do is asymptotically approach this speed on longer runs.

Perhaps I’m just getting old.

Then I bumped into John Brennand who was proud of having just run a fast half mile — 15 seconds faster than I’d managed in my workout. Even at 70, he does not seem to have aged.


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