Hubris II

17 Jan 2007, (8½ weeks before Catelina)

It was cold. The grass crunched when I ran on it. There were sheets of ice across the bike path where the irrigation water had frozen.

Rusty had me doing a 1k, a 2mile and then a 1mile interval. Most everyone else had to do 200m repeats, so I felt lucky. The two mile per-mile pace was actually a second slower than the pace at which I ran the last two miles of the 10k. I thought it would be easy.


The first quarter was really hard. Then I found the rhythm and the next mile was ok, but the final half was hard.

Lief ran with me. He warned me that he would not be able to keep up.


He ran behind me for most of the 2 mile, but took off on the last quarter and finished well ahead. Then he set out much faster than I on the final 1 mile and finished that well ahead too. This from someone who hasn’t been training for months.

As Melissa said, “The best thing about 8o’clock Tuesday morning, is knowing that it’ll be another week before we have to do anything like that again.”


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